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How we began

“To Guests, With Love is a collaboration amongst vacation rental industry leaders across the globe. Spearheaded by the founders of Touch Stay and Hostfully, the project will create a video montage showing the vacation rental industry patiently and responsibly waiting to welcome guests again.  

– the To Guests, With Love team


This project is spearheaded by Touch Stay and Hostfully, industry competitors, no less! If you would like to add a quote from our companies’ fearless leaders, please attribute to both Andy McNulty (Touch Stay) and David Jacoby (Hostfully). 

the To Guests, With Love Team


“While we are all waiting for travel to begin again, we wanted to give owners, property managers, and travel lovers everywhere a reason to smile.”

to guests


“It’s times like these that people can have both a strong sense of isolation and a strong sense of togetherness at the same time. 

“To Guests, With Love is a celebration of the diverse vacation rental ecosystem, ranging from professional property managers, to individual Airbnb hosts, to startup software vendors, all coming together to share the same message: we can’t wait to welcome travelers back in our homes again.”


“It’s been very uplifting seeing the positive responses to this project from the vacation rental community.  Everyone is excited to unite around the effort of celebrating and promoting our community. 

“We may not have as many guests in our homes as usual, but we are still going strong and preparing for brighter days ahead. 

“To Guests, With Love is one small way to showcase everyone’s enthusiasm for the vacation rental industry…not to mention the perfect excuse to be creative, silly and laugh a little!”

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We’ve got some fun graphics and photos you are welcome to use in our Google Drive.

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